The RISE Administration and Investment Management Platform enables integrated fund asset and liability administration in one place, removing the requirement for legacy fund administration practices such “mismatch reserves” widely used by service providers to manage assets and liabilities differences arising from the use of disconnected and unsynchronized platforms.

The RISE Platform also enables fund members to monitor their discretionary savings in the same place as their (contractual) retirement fund savings.

The RISE Platform offers simple, seamless fund administration through –

  • Electronic uploading of all member data
  • Electronic uploading of all member contributions using simple File formats
  • Automated file validation processes that ensure exemplary data integrity at all times
  • Online, paperless claims-processing
  • Online, access of fund data to all fund members, trustees, employer representatives, fund consultants, intermediaries and valuators relevant to their respective role-based needs and interests
  • Online member access to fund credit values and costs at member level
  • Online member access to member discretionary Tax Free and ordinary savings accounts
  • Automated and time efficient allocation of contributions to investment accounts
  • Online allocation of contributions to trustee and member elected fund investment portfolios
  • Online redemption and/or reallocation of invested funds between investment portfolios
  • Online monitoring of investment portfolio performance with a maximum one-day delay to accommodate third party managed instruments used in the investment portfolios, such as Unit Trusts
  • Online access to Investment Portfolio Fact sheets and Member Benefit statements

Other distinct advantages of the RISE Platform are -

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Automated reconciliation of contribution payments
  • Transparency around contributions, investment returns and fees
  • Audited tracking of all administration processes
  • Improved claims processing, monitoring and payment efficiencies
  • Robust security and fraud prevention conventions

All user access to the RISE Platform is user password-protected.

All user activity is logged and tracked for security and audit purposes.